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Two car families can save £10,000

Two car families should consider the financial savings of ditching one car in favour of an e-bike.

65% of Brits do not know how much they are paying to run their car. On average it costs £3,406.80 per year and £5,744.40 with car finance*. A survey revealed that 65% of car owners said their vehicle is the most expensive outgoing each month after their rent / mortgage.

If one member of the family chose to ditch their car in favour of one of our e-bikes the family could save a minimum of £10,000 over three years, even if the car was fully paid for:

Year Car e-Bike**

1 £3406.80 £792.75

2 £3406.80 £792.75

3 £3406.80 £792.75

4 £3406.80 £792.75

£13,627.20 £3,171.00

** Assuming buyer makes use of GOV.UK Cycle to Work minimum discount of 33.25%

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