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  • How long will my order take to deliver?
    Typical turnaround time for all orders is 10-12 business days. In times of high demand or between manufacturing runs you may see 'Out of Stock'. Please do register your interest in purchasing by sending the team an email as all production runs have pre-orders and it is possible that an entire production run may be pre-sold by the time it is complete.
  • What if I want a bike in a different colour or specification?
    If you would like a bespoke build we are able to customise certain features of the bike (colours, suspension, brakes, tyres and gears etc.). Please just email with your enquiry.
  • Do I need tax or insurance to ride an e-bike?
    As long as you are over 14 years old and the bike meets EU requirements for power and speed restriction then no tax or insurance is required. For full details please click below:
  • Where can I lawfully ride my e-bike?
    You can ride an e-bike everywhere you would normally ride a bike. For further enquiries on bicycle, e-bike, pedestrian or vehicle legal guidelines, please consult The Highway Code, link below.
  • Where can I ride my bike off road?
    For advice on where to ride safely please click the useful links below: Cycling UK: Forestry England:
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