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eMTB tips

If you are new to e-bikes, e-MTBs or even experienced with e-bikes but new to VELOMONT’s e-MTBs these tips will make your e-bike experience more enjoyable.

1. Familiarise yourself with your bike’s pedal assist modes.

All eMTBs are not the same, they have different motors using different firmware which yield a different riding experience. Don’t automatically jump on the bike and set the motor to maximum pedal assist; doing this on a Model ND95 will just result in you spending most of your time trying to keep the front wheel on the ground.

(There's a time to surf and a time to wax your board)

2. Shift like you’re riding an analogue bike.

With so much power and torque it may be tempting to just leave your eMTB in a higher gear because the motor will do the extra work. This practice will result in prematurely draining your battery and putting unnecessary stress on you drivetrain; wearing out and replacing chains and cassettes prematurely. Shifting correctly also keeps your pedal cadence steady and allows the motor to perform at its most efficient.

3. Change your braking mindset.

eMTBs are becoming lighter (under 22kg in our case) but are still heavier than acoustic bikes. You and your bike are heavier and, with motor assistance, you travel faster. Even with hydraulic disc brakes, slowing down may feel slightly different and braking earlier is advised.

4. Cornering and balance.

Your bike now carries a motor and battery. We have tried to keep the additional weight as low as possible and centralised between your front wheel and rear wheel but you may find yourself feeling a little off balance at first so it is advisable to remember fundamental techniques, brake in plenty of time and spread your weight to stay in control.

5. Plan your day.

Now your bike can go longer with assistance don’t forget about you. If you are planning a long ride you need to consider fuel and water for yourself. Also, vitally, if you’re enjoying a very long ride remember you need enough battery left to get home. Pedalling a bike carrying an extra 10kg of motor and dead battery is not an ideal way to end a day.

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