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Mountain Biking



We're a small company making eMTBs as ethically as possible in England. We watched brands making bikes then shipping them half way around the world to the UK and realised we don't want to do that.


We think a bicycle in a box is basically a very big container of fresh air and moving boxes of fresh air around the world  seems irresponsible, not to mention expensive for the consumer.


We can fit THREE TIMES as many bicycles in the same space by moving tightly packed components and building bikes here.

4 piston hydraulic brake


We make our eMTB bikes as bespoke as customers want them. People are not all the same and have different requirements in a bike.


Customers specify any paint combination they like and also have the option of choosing their own specific components like brakes, drivetrains and shocks so the customer is in control of the cost of their bike enabling them to taylor their own best budget eMTB.


Choosing our original equipment keeps the initial cost of ownership low, leaving the customer the option of upgrading at a later date.


We believe building a bike for a customer should be the result of collaboration between the client and the maker. Our mission is to offer more than just 'eMTB bikes for sale'.


With carbon fibre wheels, handlebars and frames, VELOMONT eMTBs use performance materials and technology to reduce weight. In addition to durability testing, all bike components have to meet the criteria below:

1 - Will component make bike lighter?

2 - Will component make bike stronger?

3 - Will component make bike more powerful?

4 - Will component make bike more affordable?

5 - Will component make bike more fun?

Grey and Pink eMTB

Twice as powerful as a Ferrari?

E-bikes are developing at an impressive rate. Our first e-bike boasted 95Nm of torque. To add some perspective, in the 1960's the Mini Cooper S, with 107Nm of torque, won over 30 international rallies, including Monte Carlo.


Not only did VELOMONT'S first model produce 95Nm of torque, it had a weight of 21.95kg; that’s 4,328Nm per metric tonne (without rider). The Ferrari F8 delivers 770Nm of torque and weighs 1,435kg; that’s 537Nm per metric tonne. Even with a 65kg rider, our e-bike has more than twice the power to weight ratio of the Ferrari.

Ferrari F8
Colin Chapman Lotus


Our bikes are hand made in Norfolk and our philosophy is shamelessly stolen from another famous Norfolk company (Lotus Cars). Founded by Colin Chapman, Colin’s obsession with light weight has always been at the root of Lotus’ success on the road and track.


“Simplify then add lightness. Adding power makes you faster on the straights; subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere"  (Colin Chapman)

Our use of lightweight components and materials has resulted in a fast and agile riding experience.

The importance of weight, and where weight is important

Weight, or more specifically mass, can be divided into two distinct groups; sprung mass and unsprung mass. Sprung mass is everything that sits on top of your suspension and unsprung mass is everything that sits below your suspension.


Sprung mass includes your frame, motor, handlebars, saddle, pedals and levers etc. and most importantly the rider. Unsprung mass includes everything below your suspension; fork down tubes, swing arm, brakes, gears, derailleur, wheels and tyres.


Sprung mass has a function; it loads the suspension, keeping the bike and rider planted securely on the ground. Unsprung mass, however, can work against any force used to propel the bike. If you ride over a bump on a road or trail the exerted force, multiplied by the unsprung mass, will oppose the velocity of the bike & rider. Therefore reducing the unsprung mass reduces the negative impact on velocity. Additionally, reducing the unsprung mass reduces the rotational inertia.


At VELOMONT we have focused on reducing the amount of unsprung mass that needs to be defeated by your “engine” (your motor combined with your legs). The resulted reduction of unsprung mass on our VELOMONT bikes gives faster acceleration and better resistance against obstacles which can slow the bike down like bumps and uneven surfaces etc.

Sprung Unsprung Mass
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